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Paths International Ltd was founded by British Executive Paul Goulding former President - Asia for Harcourt International, Times Mirror International Publishers and Addison-Wesley. Paths International was established in 2002 with the goal of selling and marketing high quality product from Asia in the UK, Europe and North America.


Paths International is completely devoted to co-publishing books about China from

China. The recent economic growth in China and China influence overseas is apparent. However China’s social and cultural prominence and the country’s contribution to the international community is less well understood and appreciated around the world. Paths International has the aim of providing an international platform for Chinese publishers and their authors so that their research, insights and analysis can be shared outside China.


Paths International Ltd is now the leading publisher of "books about China from China" in the UK, Europe and North America. The following link to our website shows that we currently publish more than 140 titles all from China with many more new titles forthcoming. As well as we are proud to publish and co-publish books in both English and Chinese with China leading publishers and research institutes such as China Social Science Press, Science Press, China Architecture and Building Press and Social Sciences Academic Press (CHINA), Southern Publishing and Media Group, China Finance and Economic Publishing House, Fundan University Press, Sichuan People Publishing House, , Anhui People Publishing House, Hunan People Publishing House, Dongbei Finance and Economic University Press and UNESCO etc.

Through close cooperation with publishers in China we have introduced many outstanding achievements and new works by leading experts in China on the transformations of the past thirty years to the world on China international relations, Chinese culture, history, China foreign policy, modern Chinese studies, Rural China studies, Chinese philosophy, Chinese architecture, Chinese business studies etc. such as Brush Talk from Dream Brook, The General Theory of Taoism, Reform of Ownership in Modern China and China's Economic Zones. Paths is actively promoting these works to professors, scholars, students and general readers around the whole world. We are unique in that we are the only foreign publisher that publishes books from China and we are proud to only publish books from China.

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