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New Book Launch on London Book Fair 2022
Pencil Tree

Press Release

7th April 2022

London Book Fair, Olympia, London, U.K. 


Paths International is delighted to publish new books with Ms. Zhang Huaicun and see the book launch of Pencil Tree as her new work.

Young Paths is our new initiative to publish Children’s books from China and around the world. We aim to become a global leader in Children’s publishing. Additional titles we can all look forward with Qingdao Publishing House include: Fish by Candlelight and Children Counting Stars.

Fish by candlelight -display 1.jpg
Children Counting Stars-display1.jpg

Young Paths titles are beautifully illustrated with Ms Zhang Huaicun by gifted storytellers and poets. They bring colourful, imaginations for the children to explore. 

Most of all we want to sincerely thank our authors who create such excellent work and shape the future of our company.


Paul Goulding

Managing Director

Paths International Ltd

April 20222

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