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China Belt and Road Initiative Journal: Research Analysis and Perspectives

ISSN 2515-9402

EISSN 2515-9410

Chinese Investments in CEEC: Development and Trend


Huang Ping, Liu Zuokui

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2019

Special Issue “16+1” Cooperation and Chinese Investments in Central and Eastern European Countries


Trade between China and CEEC improves in recent years, and bilateral trade volumes continue to rise. According to the data of Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China, from 2010 to 2016, the import and export trade between China and 16 CEECs increased from $43.9 billion to $58.7 billion. The proportion of China’s bilateral trade with CEECs in its total trade volume of the EU has been increasing. Today, the bilateral trade structure has gradually shifted to higher technological products such as machinery, electronics and so on.
In addition, high quality agricultural products of CEECs such as meat products, dairy products, wine have gradually begun to enter the Chinese market and gained popularity among consumers.
The CEECs have been focusing on the promotion of Chinese products, and China has also been
actively providing opportunities for them.

Content :

1. General Situation of China-CEEC Trade and Investment Cooperation

2. General Situation of China’s Investment in CEEC

3. Financial Support to the China’s Investment in CEEC

(1) The introduction of various financial tools
$10 billion special loan

China-Central and Eastern European Investment Cooperation Fund

China-CEE Financial Holdings Limited Company and China-CEE Fund

(2) Establishment of various financial branches in Central and Eastern Europe

(3) Actively strengthening cooperation with international financial institutions

4. A brief overview of the content of the book

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