China Belt and Road Initiative Journal: Research Analysis and Perspectives

ISSN 2515-9402

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Private Chinese Outbound Investments versus State Contracts in the Context of the CEE 16+1: Case of Romania


Andreea Leonte

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2019

Special Issue “16+1” Cooperation and Chinese Investments in Central and Eastern European Countries


When China launched the “16 + 1” format in 2012, as a tool to stimulate and increase the economic
and cultural exchanges within the group, Romania was among the countries invited to join. In the light of their old friendship ties cultivated during the last decade, there was a strong mutual belief that the new framework will bring about a new vigor in the Sino-Romanian bilateral relations.

Content :

The Fundamentals of China-Romania relations within the CEE 16+1 framework

Private vs. Public Chinese investments in Romania