China Belt and Road Initiative Journal: Research Analysis and Perspectives

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Environmental Protection in Serbia: the Factor of Significance for Foreign Investment

Dragoljub Todi

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2019

Special Issue “16+1” Cooperation and Chinese Investments in Central and Eastern European Countries


The discussion on the relationship between environmental law and investment law is conducted
in the literature from the standpoint of various aspects and specific issues. It is a part of broader
discussions on the impacts of the state of the environment and environmental policy on investment
and vice versa. It would likely be a relatively easy job to prove the justifiability of doing a detailed
analysis of the relationships between various forms of investment and the state of the environment. The existing literature considers various issues. The topics relating to foreign investment in some sectors of the economy which are significant for resolving global environmental problems or the role of some international financial institutions in this field seem to be dominant in the international literature. Some financial (or quasi financial) mechanisms also contribute to this and they have been created with the objective of stimulating certain activities for the purpose of improving the conditions in the environment or resolving specific problems.
The legal aspects of this discussion have also different dimensions. Among other things, the conflict
between the rules pertaining to environmental protection and investment or the rules of environmental protection as limiting factors for a more successful realisation of foreign investment are being often mentioned. Dupuy and Vinuales give a comparatively clearest picture of possible relationships between environmental law and investment law.

Content :

1. Introduction

2. Domestic Environmental Regulations
(1) Harmonisation of domestic environmental regulations of RS with EU laws

(2) The most important RS environmental regulations of (potential) significance for investment

3. RS Membership In International Agreements
(1) RS membership in international environmental agreements

(2) International agreements on protection of foreign investments of which RS is a member and
the environment

4. Conclusion