China Belt and Road Initiative Journal: Research Analysis and Perspectives

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Investment Facilitation and Its Impact: Evidence from China’s OFDI to the Belt and Road Countries


Liao Jia, Pan Chunyang, Shang Yuhong

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2019

Special Issue “16+1” Cooperation and Chinese Investments in Central and Eastern European Countries


The Belt and Road Initiative is a significant development framework launched by the Chinese
government with the intention of promoting economic cooperation among countries along the proposed Belt and Road (B&R) routes. The initiative has been designed to enhance the orderly free flow of economic factors and the efficient allocation of resources, which covers a broad area from South Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia and North Africa, Central Asia and CIS countries, to Central and Eastern European countries. Under this initiative, a lot of trade and investment facilitation measures have been proposed, among which, infrastructure connectivity has been one of the most important issues, since it is the foundation of international cooperation and development. According to the Ministry of Transport of China, 356 cross-border highway and railway routes had been opened between China and 15 Belt and Road countries by the end of 2016 and direct flights now link China with 43 Belt and Road countries.
Improvements in other areas are also very significant. However, whether these measures are effective in inducing investment from China to the Belt and Road Countries and to what extent, which measures are more effective are still not clear.

Previous literatures mainly focus on trade facilitation and its impact, few literatures focus on
investment facilitation. This article aims to fill this gap by constructing a comprehensive framework of
measuring indicators for investment facilitation to measure the impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and give policy implications for relevant governments.

Content :

1. Introduction

2. Literature Review

3. Data for Measuring Investment Facilitation and Other Variables

4. Econometric Model and Results

5. Discussion

Policy Implications

Limitations and Future research