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A Study of Income Distribution in China

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  • Title: A Study of Income Distribution in China

    Authors: Cai Fang, Zhang Juwei et al.

    Translated by Wen Yayun

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-670-8

    Hardback - 392 pages

    April 2022


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    As the country with the fastest economic growth in the world, China is faced with the extremely complex income distribution showing both the commonalities of market economies with rapid development and the particularity of China’s institutional mechanism. To study and understand income distribution, it is not only necessary to start with the general law of the development of market economy but with China’s unique system and mechanism. Otherwise, it will be difficult to clearly depict the essence of China’s income distribution. This book is the result of the major project of the National Social Science Fund. This project on China’s income distribution, one of the four major issues when central government leaders came to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in spring festival of 2011, becomes the task of the Institute of Population and Labor Economics. According to the plan, the project was aided by experts from other institutes of the Academy of Social Sciences and well-known experts from other institutions outside the Academy of Social Sciences.

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