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American Misunderstandings about China

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  • Authors: Wang Linggui et al.

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-575-6

    Hardback-232 Pages

    January 2020


    £80 €100 $130

    The book clarifies American misunderstandings and mistaken perceptions about China from various perspectives, including intellectual property, economic trade, the military, etc. The “post-truth about China” fabricated by some American scholars and media has harmed and is still harming China-US relations, and has had, and is still having, a gravely negative impact on the world situation. Therefore, to clear up confusion, eliminate the bad influence of “post-truth”, solemnly introduce “truth” to people who cherish the China-US friendship, and let the “truth” again become the golden standard for the smooth and healthy development of China-US relations, it should be the natural responsibilities and academic pursuit for real academics from China and abroad. And this is also the cause and consideration for the development of this book.


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