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Brush Talks from Dream Brook

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  • Author: Shen Kuo
    Translators: Wang Hong, Zhao Zheng

    ISBN: 9781844641734 
    Ebook ISBN: 9781844643578
    Hardback - 530 pages

    This is the first complete English language version of Shen Kuo’s seminal Brush Talks From Dream Brook published outside of China. Highly valued by scholars for its scientific and technological coverage, this encyclopaedic book is probably the most important source text for technological advances and the organization of knowledge in China’s golden age, the Song dynasty (960-1279). Author Shen Kuo is the most famous writer in China’s scientific history. The significance of Brush Talks From Dream Brook been thoroughly researched by scholars such as Fu Daiwie but it has not yet gained the recognition it deserves in Western studies on the history of science and technology. Written between 1086 and 1093 in note style, it covers astronomy, mathematics, geography, physics, biology, medicine, military, literary, history, archaeology and music. Now translated into English and available outside of China for the very first time, it’s rightly recognised as a masterpiece in the history of Chinese scientific and technological development.

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