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China in the New Era

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  • Title: China in the New Era: Interviews with Politicians and Academics from the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

    Editor-in-Chief: Jiang Hui

    Associate Editor-in-Chief: Xin Xiangyang

    Compiled by Li Ruiqin, Yu Haiqing, etc.

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-696-8

    Hardback - 400 pages

    April 2022


    £80  €100  $130

    This book is a subject from the Academy of Marxism in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. From the perspective of China’s new era by the former Communist Party and state leaders in the former Soviet region and Eastern Europe, it tells China's own development and international influence in the new era. This book, combined with international and domestic history and the present situation, in the form of summary and interviews shows how the former party and state leaders see the new era, reviews the history of these countries and friendly relations with China. Meanwhile, the book makes an in-depth observation and reflection on the rapid changes and development of China and on the history, reality and future of world socialism.


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