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Chinese Enterprises “Going Global”

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  • Chinese Enterprises “Going Global”: A Comparative Study of International Business Environments 

    Author: Wu Youfu

    Translated by Zhang Cuiling 

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-602-9

    Hardback-414 Pages

    November 2020


    £75 €90 $120

    It has become the new normal of China's economic development for Chinese enterprises to go abroad and conduct transnational operations, with the deepening of China's “going global” strategy, especially with the advancing of the Belt and Road initiative since 2014. However, some Chinese enterprises often suffer great failure and gain nothing in the process of “going global”, due to a lack of strategic thinking, comprehensive strategic management, and effective strategic communication. The reasons for it are multiple: there are economic, social, and managerial factors; some countries have bad intentions, but the lack of cross-cultural communication is the most common. 

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