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Chinese master architect-Liang Sicheng

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  • Author: Guo Daiheng, Gao Yilian, Xia Lu

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-528-2

    Hardback-520 Pages

    August 2019


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    Liang Sicheng is a renowned architectural historian, architectural educator and architect in China. He is the founder of the discipline of Chinese architecture history, and also the pioneer of Chinese cultural relics conservation. With life-long devotion to the research and protection of ancient architecture and to the architectural education, he has made brilliant devotion and achievements in the field of architectural history research, and has contributed considerably to the cause of architectural education in China. This book consists of twelve chapters, including the Teenage Years, Growing Course, Homecoming, Society for the Research in Chinese Architecture, Culture Salon in Beijing, the War of Resistance Against Japan, Victory of Anti-Japanese War, Early Post-liberation Period, Renewed Vigor, Tranquility for a Short Time, Final Sufferings, and Unforgettable Achievements. These chapters narrate at length the occupational pursuit of Liang Sicheng throughout his life. The three authors of this book are all scholars from Tsinghua University, and are especially familiar with Mr. Liang’s work and life. This book is written in biographical form, yet it still has academic element. Such a legible and academic book is approachable for both professionals and general readers.

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