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Confucius and China in the Modern Age (Volume 2)

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  • Confucius and China in the Modern Age (Volume 1)

    Author: Lin Ganguan, Tian Renlong, Zhai Qingfu

    Translated by Chi Zhen

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-662-3                               

    E--ISBN: 9781844646630

    Hardback - 406 pages

    April 2021


    £75 €90 $120

    This book draws together the contrasting strands of academic material on the advancement and impact of Confucianism within modern day China. Edited by China’s foremost expert in this field, this new title examines the events from the 20th and 21st centuries to help unravel the reasons why Confucius belief endured within a rapidly modernising China. Kong Fu-Tzu and Confucianism have undergone dramatic ups and downs during the 20th century in China and the ideological and political struggle between the groups who worships Confucius and anti-Confucius has existed for half a century. After the Culture Revolution, the study of Kong Fu-Tzu and Confucianism are able to be studied without any political meddling and has achieved great success. However, the academic field is still holding different opinions towards this. This book has tried to sort out Kong Fu-Tzu and Confucianism’s history in last century and analyzes some important topics and issues with evidence. It’s also given readers some new opinions about several questions, through which we could learn more about intellectual history, academic history and political history of modern China.

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