Energy Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

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  • Authors: Zhang Jian, Wang Li, Zou Bowen, Zhang Yanzhe

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-591-6

    Hardback-428 Pages

    October 2020


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    Energy cooperation in northeast Asia is proceeding slowly. It is necessary to promote energy cooperation in northeast Asia further to ensure energy security of all countries in the region. In recent years, many changes have taken place in the world energy landscape, bringing new opportunities for energy cooperation in northeast Asia. Firstly, increased oil and gas production in North America has increased Russia's willingness to deepen energy cooperation with northeast Asian countries. Secondly, the low oil price in the world brings opportunities for the construction and cooperation of energy reserves in northeast Asia. Thirdly, the diversification of energy import in northeast Asia is conducive to the construction and cooperation of energy and financial markets in northeast Asia. Fourth, shale oil and gas investment cooperation will be the new content of energy cooperation in northeast Asia. In addition, China's “One Belt And One Road” initiative will also boost the energy cooperation in northeast Asian. Northeast Asian countries should rethink how to promote the energy cooperation in northeast Asian further. This paper explores and demonstrates three possible paths for promoting regional energy cooperation through multiple channels in northeast Asia.

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