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Man and Nature in China

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  • Man and Nature in China: Gender, Natural Resources Management and the Chinese State in an Inner Mongolia Village

    Author: Hu Yukun

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-600-5

    Hardback-372 Pages

    October 2020


    £75 €90 $120

    In the background of the twin campaigns of “war against nature” and “rebuilding beautiful landscapes,” this book provides a first-hand understanding of natural resource management and environment changes from a gender perspective in the context of larger economic and ecological transformations in a peasant community in Inner Mongolia over the past five decades. It examines how village men and women managed, viewed and negotiated environmental resources in their everyday lives along lines of wealth, ethnicity, age, marriage status, and livelihood. The ethnographic methodology of this study triangulates complementary qualitative and quantitative techniques of participant observation, informal conversations, in-depth interviews, oral histories and life stories, with household census and survey, archival materials, and local government statistics and documents.
    Could you please use the similar design as Rural Women's and Girls Participation and Leadership AND Urban Migrants and Poverty Reduction? I attached the cover for your reference. 

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