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Research on the Laws of Contemporary China Volume 3: 1992-2009

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  • Editor in Chief: Chen Su

    Translators: He Jingjing, Shang Cong

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-502-2

    Hardback-240 Pages

    March 2018


    £65 €78 $98

    Just like the history of the PRC, the study of jurisprudence over the past 60 years since 1949 has been prosperous through hard times, developing steadily and making brilliant achievements with each passing day. The book describes in general terms China’s jurisprudence research over the past 60 years, showing the status and evolution process of the new China’s jurisprudence in various development stages, analyzing the background and reason for the formation and evolution of important theories in the course of studying jurisprudence, and manifesting theoretical achievements in development and prosperity of jurisprudence and their practical value. It is expected that the book help readers have a clear impression on the development path of China’s jurisprudence, to learn the experience of researchers who have devoted their hard efforts and wisdoms to the development process of China’s jurisprudence, and to experience the impulse of the “rule of law” era along with the destiny of the PRC.

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