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The Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression 1931-1945 Part I

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  • Title: The Chinese War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression 1931-1945: A World History Perspective Part I

    Authors: HU Dekun et al.

    Translators: FENG Jieyun, Sim LEONG, 

                          JIN Guangsa, WANG Hui

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-703-3

    Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-704-0

    Hardback - 502 pages

    August 2022


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    This monograph demonstrates the prominent historical position of China's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression in WW II and argues that China’s War of Resistance made great contributions to the Global Anti-Fascist Warfare. In specific, the book elaborates on the following six aspects. Firstly, China’s War of Resistance Against Japan represents the progressive trend in the world history; Secondly, China’s protracted war of resistance smashed Japan’s quick-battle strategy against China; Thirdly, China’s War of Resistance contained Japan’s world strategies of northward advance, southward advance, westward advance and its diplomatic strategies in general. Fourthly, China’s War of Resistance pushed forward the U.S.-Britain’s strategic shift in East Asia from passivism to pro-activism. Fifthly, China’s War of Resistance provided strong support to the successful operation of U.S.-Britain’s global strategy. Finally, Chinese wartime diplomacy enhanced the establishment and consolidation of the Global Anti-Fascist Alliance.

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