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The Historical Analysis of China’s State Capital

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  • The Historical Analysis of China’s State Capital

    Author: Wu Taichang, Wu Li et. al.

    Translated by Song Ying, Chen Juebin, Li Zhaohui

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-666-1

    Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-667-8

    Hardback - 612 pages

    July 2021


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    This book aims to study the evolution of China's state capital. It began with the intervention of China's feudal countries in the economic field and the direct management of industry and Commerce (this part can be regarded as the pre history of state capital), and ran through the whole modern and state-owned enterprises of the PRC. Generally, this title investigates the changes and characteristics of China's state capital in the past two thousand years according to the historical order, and probes into China's national conditions and the status, role and evolution trend of state capital. The Chinese version of this book was published in 2012 and has had a great impact in the academic world. Many scholars hope to translate it into English for publication because it involves the history of China's state capital. The English version will help international academia understand the research results of Chinese scholars on this subject.

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