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The New Normal of China's Economy: Connotation and Measurement

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  • Author: Institute of Quantitative &Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    Translated by Wang Pinda

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-579-4

    Hardback-94 Pages

    February 2020


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    Based on an examination of national and international background, this report analyzes the concept of China's New Normal Economy, emphasizing on its conceptual changes, economic theory foundations and its practical background. This report proposes that China's New Normal Economy is a new "market economy normal" during a time when the eight dividends (namely, the dividends of population, productivity, urbanization, economic structure, reform, resource, environment and net export) gradually shrink or vanish. Under the new normal, economic growth at the past super-high speed under "non-market economy normal" will slow down to ordinary speed under "market economy normal".


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