Theory and Practice of Sustainable Urban Development in China

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  • Author: Liu Yaobin
    ISBN: 978-1-84464-468-1

    Following a research design of “phenomenal description → theoretical analysis → model construction → empirical test → policy suggestion”, this book aims at proposing “National Resources and Environment” (NRE) -constrained urbanization theory and establishing a measurement system for appropriate level of urbanization, which will serve as theoretical and empirical bases for measurement of appropriate level of urbanization under NRE constraints. Based on systematic review of previous researches on NRE-constrained urbanization at home and abroad, this book first summarizes the mechanism and rules of NRE-constrained urbanization with reference to theories of Wooden Barrel, Climbing Hill, Migration, Economic Growth and Ecology. By using the theory of endogenous economic growth and the theory of constraints, it further deduces the model of “resource drag” in urbanization caused by shortage of resources and environment and that of “resource curse” in urbanization caused by resource endowment respectively. 

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