Tibetan Buddhism in the Qing Dynasty

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  • Tibetan Buddhism in the Qing Dynasty

    Author: Kal Sang Gyal

    Translated by Wang Guozhen

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-668-5

    Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-669-2

    Hardback - 502 pages

    July 2021


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    This book systematically discusses the development, circulation, and evolution of Tibetan Buddhism in China during the Qing dynasty, based on rich Tibetan language and Chinese materials. It elaborates on the system of Buddhist rituals, the temporal and religious administration system, the living Buddha reincarnation system and the system of drawing lots from a golden urn, the system of conferment and rewards, system of certificates of lamas and the system of degrees and the way of monastic administration of Tibetan Buddhism in the Qing Dynasty. It restores the historical background of the important tasks and activities of each sect. With new insights and informative materials, this book is not only a supplement to previous studies, but also corrects some erroneous judgments brought about by insufficient historical materials in the past. Therefore, this book is of great significance not only for the study of Tibetan Buddhism, but also for the study of local history, political science, and ethnology.


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