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Understanding China's Foreign Trade

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  • Editors: Song Hong, Dongyan

    ISBN: 978-1-84464-532-9

    Hardback-240 Pages

    January 2019


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    The main content of this book is the report on China's foreign trade. This research analyses the global trade situation and China's foreign trade situation, and then introduces the development of China's foreign trade from eight aspectsthe share of China’s export in the world began to drop, service trade, commodity structure, trade by modes, foreign trade, regional trade, forecast and trend judgment. It reviews the general situation and characteristics of China's trade development and looks forward at its development trend. Then it analyses the characteristics of the commodity structure of import and export trade and the development of China's foreign trade according to the mode of trade. This work makes a comparative analysis and puts forward policy recommendations from the perspective of different countries and regions. Finally, it summarizes the influencing factors of China's import and export trade, and predicted and judged trends in the future.

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