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The Sociology of Gambling in China

Author: Cheng Tijie

ISBN: 978-1-84464-080-5

E-ISBN: 978-1-84464-085-0

Paperback - 212 pages

Nov 30, 2010


£20 €24 $45



This study is the result of years of teaching and research by Professor TJ Cheng at the University of Macau. His knowledge of Macau which is the world’s gambling capital larger than Las Vegas in absolute money terms, has afforded him to the opportunity to analyse both the personal and social impact of gambling. This bold and far-sighted work attempts to analyze gambling behaviour in a systematic, all-round and multi-perspective manner. All facets of gambling are discussed including culture, history, economics, legality, human health and the Chinese experience. In putting forward the notion of a “Sociology of Gambling” Professor Cheng weaves many strands of a complex field and offers both an interesting and scientific understanding of the subject. This book will appeal to students of China, sociology and gambling as well as policy makers and industry professionals involved with the gambling industry. This in depth study based around the Macau experience offers a perspective on Chinese culture of gambling and its social and psychological impact. This multi-faceted analysis of gambling has wide ranging implications not only for China but many other cultures in Asia and the west. A sociological perspectives makes this a rigorous analysis rather than an anecdotal description of gambling in China.



1. Introduction: Foreword to Sociology of Gambling 2. Definition, Category, Purpose & Methodology 3. Viewing Gambling Culture from Historical Perspective 4. The Tendency of Modernization of Gambling Industry 5. The Positive & Negative Impact of Gambling 6. The Application of Gambling Sociology 7. Exploring Diversification in Gambling-Tourism Industry 8. Controversy of the Opening Policy in Macao? 9. Conclusive Remarks: There Is a Long Way to Go


About the Authors:

Professor TJ Cheng teaches at the University of Macau.

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