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China: Making New Partnership - A Rising China and its Neighbors

Author: Zhang Yunling

ISBN: 978-1-84464-078-2

Ebook ISBN: 9781844640515

Paperback - 388 pages

Nov 30, 2016





China has a vast and diverse range of neighbors. Its relations with these neighbors are significant in their own right but they also impact and shape the Asia Pacific region and the world as a whole. With China’s increasing prominence relations with its neighbors are experiencing significant readjustment and change. These relations are dynamic and complex and have a different impact in different countries. Based on research financed by the Ford Foundation this book brings together the work of scholars and experts from China and adjacent countries providing an insight into China s regional relations from different angles and perspectives. This book provides an insight into China’s myriad relations with other countries and discusses how the emergence of China in recent years is having an impact in the world. It is a very useful introduction to the subject. Trade and investment are at the core of China’s relations with its neighbors and this is a key theme explored in this book. It is important to recognize that China’s relations with its neighbors in the modern age are in their early stages. As such this book is discussing the early stages in a process that is very likely to help shape the 21st Century.



1. China and its Neighbors: Relations in a New Context 2. China-Japan Relations: How to Manage a Complex Relationship? 3. Sino-Japanese Relations: Dynamics of Interdependence and Frictions 4. The Rise of China and Korea’s Strategic Choice 5. Building Security Regime in Northeast Asia 6. Evolution of the Relations between China and ASEAN 7. Dealing with a Rising China in the New Millennium: a View from ASEAN 8. ASEAN and China Relations: Seeking for Economic Cooperation 9. Is Competitive Partnership between China and India Viable? 10. China and South Asia in the New Era 11. China and South Asian Relations in a New Perspective 12. The Evolution of China-Russia-US Triangular Relationship 13. Russia and China: Consolidating the Strategic Partnership 14. Central Asian Countries and China: Managing the Transition 15. A Rising China and a Lonely Superpower America 16. Dealing with a Rising China: US Strategy and Policy


About the Author:

Authored by a team of leading scholars and key experts from China and the neighboring countries, financed by The Ford Foundation. Edited by Zhang Yunling, Professor, Academy Member, Director of Academic Division of International Studies, Director of Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

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