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Annual Report on Development of New Media in China (2011)

Author: Yin Yugong,

ISBN: 9781844641413

EBook ISBN: 9781844641352

Hardback - 290 pages


£65 €78 $98



It's projected that China's internet population will hit 720 million by 2014, comfortably the largest base of net users in the world. Central to this are issues of ownership, freedom and censorship. But what is China's perspective and on the proliferation of new media within China and what are its concerns? This revealing book outlines the phenomenal recent digital developments seen across China and the vast amount of new media and internet usage. Annual Report on Development of New Media in China (Volume 1) presents a clear analysis of the key characteristics and trends found in present day China. Comprehensive and research-based, it covers key subjects such as social media use in China, including Twitter and Facebook, search engines, including Google, plus news channels and news sites both Chinese and international. In addition, the authors examine the online gaming industry in China, the very latest regulations and laws that affect new media industries and digital activities, issues around blogging, plus the introduction of digital television and ebooks into China. The editor-in-chief is Yin Yugong, Director of the Institute of Journalism and Communication of CASS, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Published by China specialists Paths International, in association with Social Science Academic Press (China).



1 The Localization and Socialization of New Media in China: Development Characteristics, Influence, and Trends of China’s Online Media in 2010 2 On Internet Culture 3 Study on Main Forms and Features of Cyber Culture 4 Analysis on China’s Internet Media and Internet Communications in 2010 5 Communication Characteristics of Significant Online Public Opinion Cases in China (1998-2010) 6 Reflection on Chinese Micro-blogs in 2010 7 The Development History, Problems and Policy Recommendations of ‘Tri-network Convergence’ in China 8 Report on the Internet in China 9 Survey on Media Literacy of Online Opinion Leaders from Colleges and Universities in China 10 Report on Chinese Minors’ Use of the internet in 2010 11 Report on Development of News Websites of China in 2010 12 Rational View and Actively Guide for Online Games 13 Report on the Development of the Blog in 2010 14 Report on the Development of Search Engines 15 Annual Report on the Development of Internet Video in 2010 16 Development Report on Chinese and Foreign E-book Industry in 2010 17 Report on the Development of Digital TV and IPTV in 2010 18 Analysis on Operation Pattern of Mobile TV in China in 2010 19 Report on China’s Mobile Phone News Industry in 2010 20 Annual Report on the Regulations about Network Communication in China (2010).



Yin Yugong, Ph.D. Journalism and Communication, Professor, Ph.D. Candidate Supervisor, Director of Institute of Journalism and Communication of CASS and deputy secretary of Party Committee

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