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China's Financial Supervision and Regulation: A Report (Volume 1)


Hardback - 168 pages

ISBN: 9781844642298

£85.00 $135.00 €105.00

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New for 2012 and set to be published annually, this detailed report outlines the regulatory framework across China’s financial sectors. Offering clear historical perspective, a comprehensive breakdown of the current regulations, plus future policy recommendations, this new book will enable the reader to successfully navigate China’s complex regulatory framework. China’s Financial Supervision and Regulation: A Report (Volume 1) features authoritative and far-reaching reports from two of China’s leading finance and regulatory experts, Hu Bin and Yin Zhentao, followed by a series of detailed sub-reports which examine industry-specific regulations in great detail:

General Reports - Evolution of China’s Financial Supervision and Regulations: 1949-2011 - China’s Financial Supervision and Regulations: Developments in 2011

Sub-reports - Annual Developments in Banking Regulation - Annual Developments in Securities Regulation - Annual Developments in Insurance Regulation - Annual Developments in Foreign Exchange Management

The authors outline China’s financial supervision and regulations in a systematic, comprehensive and authoritative manner to ensure financial institutions and regulatory authorities can now access the key reference material and guidance they require when interacting with China’s financial regulations and laws.

This book is published by China specialists Paths International in association with Social Sciences Academic Press (China) and China’s prestigious Research Centre for Financial Laws and Regulations (RCFLR).

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