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China's Urban Development: Critiques and Observations

Author: Shao Yisheng, Shi Nan

ISBN: 978-1-84464-136-9

E-ISBN: 9781844641376

Paperback - 260 pages

Oct 31, 2012


£125 €150 $200



Since 2002 the United Nations Development Programme has been running ‘City Planning, Management and Development in the 21st Century’ across China, a project that focuses on five pilot cities (Guizhou, Taiyuan, Liuzhou, Meishan and Sanmenxia) to help analysis urban development trends and problems across Chinas as it undertakes rapid urbanisation. This detailed and authoritative report outlines the key findings from this research project which was led by Shao Yisheng, Vice President and Professor from China Academy of Urban Planning & Design. Whilst fully acknowledging the great achievements and spectacular levels of development, the purpose of this report is to outline the faults and contradictions that have proved central to China’s accelerated urbanisation. These have been gathered into seven subject sections within the report: natural resources; living environment; image projects (prestige or ‘showy’ construction projects); public safety; social stratification; public finance; public policies. An in-depth analysis of these problem areas and their origins is supplied by the leading members of the research team. In addition, the authors propose solutions to each problem utilising innovative concepts, systems, policies, planning systems and management techniques. China's Urban Development: Critiques and Observations offers truly unique and distinctive views on China’s urban changes, both positive and negative. It will prove extremely interesting to professionals, academics and students involved in urban development and planning outside of China, plus experts engaged in the urban economy, engineering, construction, urban sociology and political science. The key editors and contributors are Shao Yisheng, Vice President and Professor from China Academy of Urban Planning & Design, plus Shi Nan, Secretary General and Professor from Urban Planning Society of China. Additional contributors include senior academics from the Department for Industry, Transportation & Trade, Research Office of the State Council, and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

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