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Annual Report on International Politics and Security (2012)



ISBN: 978-1-84464-154-3 E-ISBN: 9781844641550

£65 €78 $98

Written by Chinese researchers and advisors, Annual Report on International Politics and Security 2012 unveils China's own political con-cerns and security issues. It will enable readers to better understand international politics and security from China's perspective, as well as contextualising current Chinese diplomatic policies. The specialist content includes authoritative Chinese academic analysis on the relative decline of Western major powers, the rise of new emerging powers, the European sovereign debt crisis, climate change and energy politics, terrorist threats, the international military situation. There is also insightful material on China's growing prominence on the global political stage. Most of what is written about international security is written from a western perspective this book is a valua-ble insight into China’s views on this subject.

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