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Report on World Innovation Competitiveness Development (2001-2012)


Hardback - 592 pages

ISBN: 9781844642397

£65.00 $98.00 €78.00

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This substantial new report examines the level of economic innovation in 100 countries around the world. Written by a team of leading Chinese academics and researchers, it offers an in-depth assessment of the aspects and types of innovations and strategic trends to help establish each nation’s innovation competitiveness level.

Report on World Innovation Competitiveness Development (2001-2012) is organised into four key sections.

Part one is devoted to theories and methods, examining the technical elements and characteristics of national innovative competitiveness. It establishes the world innovative competitiveness evaluation index system and mathematics model, outlining a comprehensive national innovative competitiveness analysis framework.

Part two evaluates each of the 100 countries, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each country’s innovative competitiveness.

Part three reveals the different types and levels of innovative development through comparative analysis and a clear evaluation of each of the 100 countries. Part four supplies an appendix of the national innovation competitive evaluation scores for each country, alongside material that demonstrates how these scores have evolved from 2001 to the present day.

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