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A Brief History of the Official System in China


Hardback - 232 pages

ISBN: 9781844641529

£65.00 $98.00 €78.00

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A detailed academic examination into ancient China’s numerous systems of bureaucracy, administration and governance. China has a rich history of administrative systems with each major dynasty developing their own civil and state mechanisms, together with the officials needed to staff the system. This fascinating book reveals all.

Author Xie Baocheng breaks the authoritative coverage down into eight distinct sections: Introducing the Official System in Ancient China; Pre-Qin Royal Power and Post-Qin Imperial Power; The Central Decision-making System; The Central Government System; Territorial Administration; The Surveillance System; The Military System; Personnel Administration.

This major new work, which is being made available outside of China for the very first time, will appeal to people studying ancient China. Published in association with Social Sciences Academic Press (China).

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