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Providing Global IT Solutions from China: The Huawei Story

Author: Zhang Guanjing

ISBN: 9781844641048

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-120-8

Paperback - 356 pages

Jun 30, 2013


£65.00 $98.00 €78.00

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Providing Global IT Solutions from China: The Huawei Story explores Huawei’s ten year process of successful globalisation from four key perspectives: Huawei as the star company, Huawei as the globalised company, Huawei as the competitor of other companies, and Huawei as the controversial company. Revealing and informative, it provides numerous examples and suggestions for other companies seeking to expand into overseas markets. The layout and format is very clearly structured, making it easy for the reader to jump between chapters or select the most important part for intensive study. Huawei is one of the great success stories in Chinese business and this book provides an illuminating insight into the company. As the company now expands overseas and established international subsidiaries the Huawei name will become more familiar to the global consumer. This book offers an insight into the history of Huawei and its present and future prospects. This book is part of a brand-new book series published by Paths International in partnership with Guangdong Economy Publishing House (China) titled Cases in Modern Chinese Business. These books are written by authors in China and provide a revealing insight into how major Chinese companies have emerged, developed and grown with the dramatic economic development of China in the past 30 years. Many overseas observers have written about business in China this series provides an insider’s view.



Chapter I Four Strategies MakingHuawei’s success Chapter II Ten Secrets Leading to Huawei’s Success Chapter III Huawei is More Splendid in the Real World---- Analyzing Two Misunderstandings from the Outside 89 Chapter IV The Five Miracles to Overturn the Image of Private Enterprises Chapter V Eight Surprising Magic Weapons in Overseas Market Chapter VI The Twelve Firsts to Initiate the History of Huawei Chapter VII Huawei and Six Domestic Counterparts’ Destinies Chapter VIII Gratitude and resentment between Huawei and three western giants

Chapter IX Seven major controversies surrounding Huawei, a star or the Tsar? Chapter X Appendix

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