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Budgeting Carbon for Equity and Sustainability



ISBN: 978-1-84464-140-6 E-ISBN: 9781844641345

£65 €78 $98

Although there is no denial of climate justice, there has been a persistent lack of practical joined-up actions regarding the creation of an international climate institution. However, politicians and academic researchers have been working together to find solutions. This new book is an attempt to put forward constructive approaches to climate security and justice, building upon the inputs from the wide-ranging debates that took place at the CASS Forum on Climate Justice and the Carbon Budget Approach in Beijing (April 2010). The purpose of this prestigious international conference was to construct an interna-tional climate regime and to help promote climate jus-tice. It also called on governments, particularly govern-ments in developed countries, to bear the historical responsibility of climate change.

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