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China - Africa Relations: Review and Analysis (Volume 1)


Hardback - 220 pages

ISBN: 9781844640911

£65.00 $98.00 €78.00

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In the West, many influential government leaders and academic think-tanks have joined the mainstream media such as the New York Times in the U.S. and the Financial Times in Britain in accusing China of ‘neo-colonialism’ in Africa. This book presents China’s case for its involvement in Africa: a relationship that is having an enormous impact on the continent and elsewhere. In this book the cultural and historical links between China and African countries are explored and the shared challenges of development are examined. It discusses that China’s relationship with modern Africa are based upon the founding principles of the People’s Republic of China. Case studies are provided on China’s relations with key African countries such as Sudan. Much has been written about the relationship between China and Africa and the growing importance of China in Africa is seen as a threat by many commentators in the West. This book will appeal to anyone trying to get a balanced view of this discussion. It argues that China has much to offer Africa in terms or financial and technological resources and the experiences of emerging from poverty.

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