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Power Generation in China: Research, Policy and Management



ISBN: 978-1-84464-335-6 E-ISBN: 9781844643042

£65 €78 $98

A timely new book that examines the reform of China’s vast power generation network and future energy-efficiency and environmental policies. Coal used for power generation accounts for 54% of China’s sulphur dioxide emissions. In 2009, electricity generation consumed 50gce more coal than the international advanced level, which means 180 million tons of standard coal equivalent was over consumed in that year (3681.2 billion kWh). In 2009, the line loss rate of PRC’s power grid reached to 6.49%, this is 1% higher than the world’s advanced level. More than 30 billion KWh of electricity was lost, equal to 10.2 million tons of coal. These are huge losses. In order to improve China’s energy efficiency and reduce pollution, the Office of State Council issued the hugely significant Regulation on Energy Conservation Power Generation Dispatching.

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