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China - India Relations: Review and Analysis (Volume 1)

Editor: Ye Hailin

ISBN: 978-1-84464-293-9

Ebook ISBN: 9781844643912

Hardback - 118 pages

Jan 31, 2014


£65 €78 $95



Individually China and India stand as the World’s fastest growing economies with the World’s largest populations: immense powers in their own right. As neighbours they offer huge potential for cooperation with many common interests but also ingredients for possible tension and confrontation. These are some of the themes discussed in this book. China and India are two ancient civilizations and two ancient neighbours who are both poised to play a pivotal role in the future of the global economy. This book analyses and assesses the relationship between these two countries from a Chinese perspective written by authors at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. At its core this book examines the regional impact and international significance of the simultaneous rise of China and India. Sino – Indian relations are seen as a process which has been subject to fluctuation and change. Relations between the two countries are examined through the BRICS mechanism and the move towards greater cooperation. However the two countries are also competitors and this book offers a comparative analysis of their economic strengths. The Economic stages of development and industrialization of these two countries are also compared. As well as cooperation there is friction between these two giants and this is high-lighted in the collisions that have taken place on free trade associations. This major work examines both the certainties and uncertainties of China and India relations and looks at political as well as economic implications for the future of this relationship and the likely impact it will have on the region and beyond.

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