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A Brief History of Foreign Debt in China

Author: Chen Zhengping

ISBN: 9781844641444

Ebook ISBN: 9781844641451

Hardback - 260 pages

March 2014


£65.00 $98.00 €78.00



This book provides a brief history of how foreign debt has shaped and influenced the development of China is the past 170 years. It discusses both government and non-government debt. In modern China especially after the first Sino-Japanese War the foreign debt problem was a huge burden and influenced China’s approach to finance, the economy, politics and diplomacy. This book examines this and also looks at the deeper historical influences of foreign debt on China. Today there is an argument that lending to China was the means for foreign capitalists and imperialists to enslave China, to export capital to China and to vie for spheres of influence. However the author of this book bases his analysis on historical fact and examines how governments of old China colluded with foreign capital to serve their own ends and finance their own often misjudged policies. For anyone interested in the history of finance in China and the rise of China this is an important book that provides an understanding of a phenomenon that has helped shape China since the 19th Century. This major new work, which is being made available outside of China for the very first time, will appeal to people studying China’s business economics and finance. China’s economic transformation in the past 30 years has been so swift and dramatic that fully comprehending China’s constantly changing economy can be difficult. By offering a broad and historical view of the subject this books helps to give an insight into the historical roots of modern China. This book is part of the Economic History in China series which offers valuable and concise analyses on the economic history of China.



Introduction Chapter 1 Foreign debt before the First Sino-Japanese War Chapter 2 Foreign Debt in the Late Qing Dynasty Chapter 3 Foreign Debt of the Nanjing Provisional Government and the Beiyang Government Chapter 4 Foreign Debt during the Reign of the Kuomintang Chapter 5 General Evaluation References


About the Authors:

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University

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