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Foreign Enterprises in China (Volume 1)

Author: Pei Changhong, Feng Lei, Xia Xianliang, Li Feng

ISBN: 978-1-84464-300-4

Ebook ISBN: 9781844643967

Hardback-180 pages

Oct 31, 2014


£90 €112 $145



Through a series of research reports, this book discusses the operational status of Chinese enterprises with foreign investment. Since China’s period of economic Reform and Opening-Up the country has experienced more than thirty years of development, with hundreds of thousands of foreign-invested enterprises being established in various parts of the country. Their operational statuses are of interest not only to governments and research institutes, but also to foreign investors and enterprises. Drawing from a massive collection of published literature and statistics, this research group has collected data and information from relevant departments and local governments. Research and subsequent analyses were drawn from a wide range of resources in order to present a broad view of the basic contours shaping foreign-invested enterprises in China since the beginning of the 21st century, and particularly since the eleventh national “Five Year Construction Plan.” Additionally, this research sought to explore trends in the sustainable development of China’s continued utilization of foreign investment, as well as how to improve related national foreign policies.


Contents: Chapter 1 An Analysis of Foreign Investment Utilization Policies and the Total Amount of Foreign-Invested Enterprises

Chapter 2 The Investment Models and the Capital Structure of Enterprises with Foreign Investment

Chapter 3 The Industrial Distribution of Foreign-Invested Companies

Chapter 4 The Geographical Distribution of Foreign-Invested Enterprises

Chapter 5 The Geographic Distribution of the Sources of Foreign Investment Companies

Chapter 6 The Operation of Foreign-Invested Enterprises, their Profitability, and Tariffs

Chapter 7 The Employment Scale and Labor Remuneration of the Employees in Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China

Chapter 8 New Growth Points for Foreign Investment: Theoretical & Practical Basis References Postscript

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