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China's Imports: Impact and Evaluation

Author: Song Hong

ISBN: 9781844642960

Ebook ISBN: 9781844643950

Hardback-302 pages

Jan 31, 2014

English £90 $112 €145



Since 1978 the Chinese import industry has expanded in the wake of rapidly growing merchandise trade. In 1978, the total value of Chinese import and export trade was USD $20.64 billion. This figure had reached $1.76069 trillion in 2006 –a gigantic 84.3 fold increase. Imports alone over that period rose from USD $10.89 billion to $791.61 billion. And judging from the import growth trends in recent years, it is likely that soon China will be second only to the US in terms of imports. This key new book is written by leading researchers in China and it discusses the full impact of imports on China’s economy and the implications for China’s trading partners and the world. The effects and composition of China’s imports is examined in detail and the future trends are explored. Import regulation is also examined and the risk of imports on China’s economy is discussed. China’s trade is central to the global economy and this book provides a valuable Chinese perspective on this significant development.

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