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Book Collecting in Chinese Culture

Author: Sang Liangzhi

ISBN: 978-1-84464-318-9

Ebook ISBN: 9781844643981

Hardback-540 pages

Apr 30, 2014 English £90 €112 $145



Book collecting is an old tradition in Chinese culture which is experiencing a recent revival. Books are key to understanding Chinese culture, both past and present. Book in Modern China offers a clear exploration of all aspects of China’s rich history and cultures of book collecting, including government book collecting and prohibition, famous book collectors and the collections of books on specific subjects including religion, business, and numerous academic subjects. The coverage also takes in China’s book collecting philosophy and its influence on the development of education and commerce up to and including the present day. It is the author's contention that books are a crystallization of human wisdom and book collection is a crystallization of culture. People's respect for knowledge and culture all start with books and with book collecting. In the electronic age this is even more relevant. The author Liangzhi Sang is Professor of Management, Anhui University, and he has published more than 100 influential papers on philosophy, management, culture, education and library science.

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