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Commercial Bribery in China: Analysis and Countermeasures

Editor: Shen Enwei

ISBN: 978-1-84464-231-1

Ebook ISBN: 9781844642328

Hardback-178 pages

Jan 31, 2015


£65.00 $98.00 €78.00

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This revealing new book examines the principle causes and mechanisms of commercial corruption in China today. It offers readers a clear analysis of the major sources of commercial corruption and bribery in China, and contrasts anti-corruption measures used outside of China with the measures China has recently implemented. Corruption and bribery is a major and high profile problem in China. This book explores the phenomenon from a Chinese perspective and examines the practice of bribery amongst Chinese people. But the book also explores how many foreign companies actively bribe so as to get more business in China. The author suggests that commercial bribery in China by foreign MNCs is a major problem because their techniques are so sophisticated and their head offices are outside China. This book is useful for anyone interested in learning about a phenomenon that threatens opportunities for doing successful business in China.



1, The connotation and main characteristics of commercial corruption 2, The inner relationships and hidden rules in commercial corruption 3, The forming conditions and features of main commercial corruption activities 4, Corruptions in the field of medication and its solutions 5, Corruptions in the field of real estate and its solutions 6, Corruptions in the field of distribution and its solutions 7, Corruptions in the field of government procurement and its solutions 8, Corruptions in the field of property transactions and its solutions 9, The essence of corruptions in China’s international companies and its solutions 10, Solutions we can learn from foreign commercial corruption cases 11, Starting from the system construction, build a long-term anti-corruption system

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