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Chinese Festival Culture Series—The Festival of March the Third

Author: Li Song

ISBN: 978-1-84464-420-9

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-421-6

Hardback-191 pages

Feb 28, 2015


£48 €59 $80



The Festival of March the Third is the day of sacrificing to ancestors, gods and saints in China. The book introduces the origin, development, dissemination, activities held and distinctive local features of the Festival of March the Third. Different from the Tomb-Sweeping Day, the Festival of March 3rd has religious implications for worshipping Buddhism and Taoism and warding off evil spirits and purifying your own mind. The book not only introduces the history and development of the Festival of March 3rd but also tells many touching folk tales and heroic legends which are associated with the festival. The book offers insight into the distinct and subtle features of this festival. The book includes illustrations, tables and graphics. Festivals are a part of China’s history through the centuries. The Chinese Festival Culture Series provides insights into the myriad festivals that are at the heart of China’s diverse culture. Special focus is given to the unique and fascinating festivals of China’s ethnic groups whose festivals are less well known but which offer a valuable contribution to the wealth of China’s folklore.. The author Li Song is Director of the Institution for Developing Ethnic Folklore and Arts of the Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China


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