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Chinese Festival Culture Series—The Lantern Festival

Author: Li Song

ISBN: 978-1-84464-422-3

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-423-0

Hardback-200 pages

Feb 28, 2016


£48 €59$80



The Lantern Festival is the first full-moon of the first lunar month in China. The book introduces the origin, development, dissemination, and traditions of the Lantern Festival and techniques of producing lanterns. This book shows the ultimate beauty of ancient Chinese decorative arts. Lanterns symbolize the raising of hope like sunrise and colorful lanterns with a background of full-moon at night represent peace, tranquility and harmony. Thus, the Lantern Festival is an irreplaceable part of Chinese festivals. This book not only describes the origin, design, production for each kind of lantern, but also explains lantern riddles and interesting stories hidden behind lanterns, which are appealing to readers. Festivals are a part of China’s history through the centuries. The Chinese Festival Culture Series provides insights into the myriad festivals that are at the heart of China’s diverse culture. Special focus is given to the unique and fascinating festivals of China’s ethnic groups whose festivals are less well known but which offer a valuable contribution to the wealth of China’s folklore.. The book includes illustrations, tables and graphics. The author Li Song is Director of the Institution for Developing Ethnic Folklore and Arts of the Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China The book includes illustrations, tables and graphics.


Contents: The Origin and the Legends of the Lantern Festival The Development of the Lantern Festival The Customs of the Lantern Festival Unique Customs in Different Regions The Lantern Festival of Minority Ethnic Groups The Lantern Festival in Other Countries


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