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Chinese Festival Culture Series—The Saizhuang Festival of Yi Ethnic Group

Author: Li Song

ISBN: 978-1-84464-428-5

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-429-2

Hardback-185 pages

Feb 28, 2015


£48 €59 $80



The Saizhuang Festival of Yi ethnic group literally means ‘the attire-competing festival’ in Yi language. This book introduces its origin, dissemination, traditional contents and forms in modern times to generate a panoramic view for the culture of Yi people. Yi people are an important part of Chinese society but few works are dedicated to illustrate their lives and customs. This book aims to depict and promote Yi culture by introducing their Saizhuang Festival which nearly contains all elements of the Yi’s daily lives. The Saizhuang Festival is not only a grandiose party of the Yi people, but also an epitome of their characteristic daily lives. During the Saizhuang Festival, they compete for everything, not only their attire. They have competitions in many areas ranging from performing arts such as singing and dancing, to tasty cuisine, Yi liquor, embroidery art, costume-making and symbolic pictograph writing. All elements of Yi culture are incarnated and can be found represented in the Saizhuang Festival.


Content: The Origin of Saizhuang Festival Dissemination of Saizhuang Festival The Custom of the Saizhaung Festival Features of Yi Clothing and the Embroidery Art Costumes Saizhuang Festival in the Process of Modernization The book includes illustrations, tables and graphics.


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