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Chinese Festival Culture Series—The Tibetan Calendar New Year

Author: Li Song

ISBN: 978-1-84464-434-6

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-435-3

Hardback-196 pages

Feb 28, 2016


£48 €59 $80



The Tibetan Calendar New Year is the most important festival for Tibetan people. This book introduces the origin, development, dissemination and traditions of the Tibetan Calendar New Year festival. Tibet is a less explored region in China and its traditional New Year is mysterious and less known to the rest of the world. This book aims to introduce the traditions of their New Year to global readers. This book will bring a new image of Tibetan people celebrating their unique New Year to global readers.


Content: History of the Tibetan New Year Conventions of Tibetan New Year Celebrations During Tibetan New Year Conventions of Tibetan New Year in the Tibetan Areas Inheritance and Transition of Tibetan New Year The book includes illustrations, tables and graphics.


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