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Chinese Festival Culture Series—The Tomb-Sweeping Day

Author: Li Song

ISBN: 978-1-84464-436-0

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-437-7

Hardback-176 pages

Feb 28, 2015


£48 €59 $80



The Tomb-Sweeping Day is the festival commemorating ancestors and making sacrifices to gods and saints. This book introduces the origin, inheritance, traditions and varied forms of the Tomb-Sweeping Day. The Tomb-Sweeping Day is to show respect to ancestors and gods and saints worshipped from generation to generation so it deserves to be highlighted and enjoy the same status of importance with the Spring Festival in China. The Tomb-Sweeping Day is seen as a significant component of Confucianism to show the filialness and loyalty of Chinese people. Many folk tales and legends of sagacious heroes are the prototype of sacred ceremonies during the Tomb-Sweeping Day and they are vividly narrated in this book. Festivals are a part of China’s history through the centuries. The Chinese Festival Culture Series provides insights into the myriad festivals that are at the heart of China’s diverse culture. Special focus is given to the unique and fascinating festivals of China’s ethnic groups whose festivals are less well known but which offer a valuable contribution to the wealth of China’s folklore. The book includes illustrations, tables and graphics.The author Li Song is Director of the Institution for Developing Ethnic Folklore and Arts of the Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China The book includes illustrations, tables and graphics.


Contents: Origin Dissemination Customs Distinctive Festive Places


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