A changing China: Day to day life in the new century


Editor: Yuan VictorYue, Zhang Jun

ISBN: 978-1-84464-361-5

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-84464-402-5

Hardback-80 pages

Mar 31, 2015


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This book provides a vivid and detailed analysis and insight into life in modern China. It brings together researchers, sociologists, entrepreneurs and the findings of 20 years of polling research to show how the people of China have coped with the immense changes to their lives in the past two decades. It shows how people in China have had to balance traditional values with modern day demands, how they have emerged as consumers dealing with modern technology and how they have struggled for a better life. The economic success story of China in the last 30 years is well known this is a detailed study of the people who built that success. Written by leading executives at Beijing based Horizon Research Consultancy Group this work is rich with data and analysis and discusses nearly all aspects of life in China. It explores love and marriage and changing family relations. It examines everything from fast food to fashion; migrant workers; work and careers; real estate and investment; shopping online and health care. A constant theme throughout the book is the phenomenal change that is taking place in the lives of the Chinese people. The book will appeal to anyone who is keen to know the goals and aspirations of people in modern China as well as their challenges and achievements.


Chapter One: The Tightly Wound Up Lives of Chinese
Popular fast-food meals
I’m afraid of being late; I can’t afford the time to eat you
In-your-face trendiness
The work day which never ends
Women who are afraid to become mothers
The elderly who never retire
Health: Neglecting it on one side, buying health products on the other
Chapter Two: The Chinese struggle for success
Struggling for success in another place away from home
The floating population in the cities
The changing capital in the job market
The new generation of migrant labor workers: I want to disappear into the city
Staying at home when everyone else is moving
The moving elderly: the falling leaves which can’t find their roots
Autos: Adding color to the struggle for success
After the struggle: please give me some peace!

Chapter Three:The Chinese Who Can’t Wait
Education should start early, the early years fade quickly
Buying a home: starting at graduation
Retirement: The dream which begins when they start their career
Investing: Accelerated joy and worry

Chapter Four: The Chinese Who Tear Down Barriers
The Relationship between the Sexes: From Clearly Defined Roles to Complementary Roles
Love and marriage have become a game
Home responsibilities: From each having his / her own responsibility, to fighting together shoulder to shoulder
Power in the household: No big or small

From the old taking care of the young to the young who are never weaned
From having a child to care for one’s old age, to society caring for the old
The workplace: Time is a butcher’s knife
Mutant literature
Chapter Five: The Chinese Who Stay Within Their Confines
Always choosing a “human companion”
Old wine in a new bottle, the search for a marriage partner never ends
Marriage assets enter the contract age
For a couple, anything can be discussed
From one-child policy to planning a family
From several generations in one home to the distance of a bowl of soup
Work is finding the right battlefield
Chapter Six The Chinese In Full Bloom
When online purchases become a habit
Consumer credit: Enjoying life earlier
Shanzhai: A shortcut between classes
Consuming fractured time: boredom brings business opportunities
Vacation consumerism: Taking the heart to enjoy the scenery
The rise of the new consumers: COM
Chapter Seven The Chinese Trapped in the Internet
In the Internet, we are all Spiderman
The blurred line between the virtual world and reality
Games on the Internet: Mixing reality and fantasy
The information moat becomes a highway
The diseased ones are us, not the Internet

About the Authors:

About Yuan Yue
Victor Yue Yuan, the Chairman of the board of Horizon Research Consultancy Group, the CEO of Feimalv (Entrepreneurial Management Service Organization). He once worked in Ministry of Justice P.R.C in the late 80s, and then created Horizon, the leading polling and consulting company in 1992. Victor holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Peking University, a MPA from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, a Masters degree in law from Southwest University of Political science and Law and Yale World Fellow  2007.
Victor is also the famous media professional and CCTV strategy consultant. Among other prestigious posts, he is the Vice President of China Marketing Research Association, the Vice President of Beijing Consulting Association, ESOMAR Representative and Chairman of China area, American Marketing Association member and Vice President of Harvard Club Beijing.
Victor has had more than 20 years experiences in polling research and also served as a management advisor of many famous medias and enterprises in the scopes of organization management, senior negotiation, brand expending, policy analysis, social group research etc. Moreover, Victor has published more than 40 books in respect of Economics, Sociology, Politic science and Culture.


About Zhang Jun
Gloria Zhang, CEO & Senior Partner of Horizon Research and Consultancy Group, Chairman of Horizon E-lab, is responsible for overall development of the Group. She is China representative of ESOMAR, member of CMRA and registered consultant in Beijing with MBA of George Washington University and Master of the Economy of China Renmin University.
With more than 17 years experience in marketing research, Gloria has been invited to give lectures on many high-level conferences and workshops about the subjects of youth trends in China, new product development for young generation, consumption pattern and cultural study of specific consumer groups such as children, teenagers, urban women, blue collars and young men and so on. In recent years, Gloria was dedicated to furthering online interaction research to explore innovation value that researches bring to the marketing through integrating social media and mobile Internet technology.
Gloria is the main author of “Fantastic Conference: How To Convene a Focus Group Discussion”, “Innovative marketing mindsets”, “post-90s generation” and she has published several marketing articles such as “Twenty-somethings Transform China’s Cities”,“Youth Trends in China”,“Market research-The pathway from consumer needs to final products”.


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