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China’s Urbanization: Theories, Strategies and Policies

Author: Ma Huaili

ISBN: 978-1-84464-416-2

E-ISBN: 9781844644179

Hardback-218 Pages

Dec 2014


£90 €110 $150



The book introduces the history and development of urbanization in China and analyzes the strategies, policies and economic theories of the Chinese government during the process of urbanization.

From a strategic height, this book discusses urbanization with Chinese characteristics, with analysis covering the historical process, realistic pathway, future direction, objectives, challenges and warnings, as well as the plans, policies, and initiatives adopted by the Chinese Government. It demonstrates in plain and concise language that urbanization is the inevitable result of modernization and the necessary way to a moderately prosperous society, taking into account the new achievements in academic research, new changes in economic and social life, and the realities of the times.

China is in transition from an agricultural society to a newly industrialized one. As a result, urbanizing cities is an inevitable process for further development. During the transformation in finance, industry and politics, many corresponding changes must be made for functional urban planning. This book aims to clarify the situation, analyze the issues and find solutions to bring critical thinking on China’s urbanization to global readers.

Supported by statistical data and case studies, this book emphasizes concrete evidence and conclusions based on China’s experience rather than just theory. It is illustrated by graphs and tables.



1. Urbanization: Impression and Reflection 2. Historical Review: Course and Experience 3. Model Selection: Comparison and Reference 4. Strategic Planning: Targets and Approaches 5. Strategic Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges 6. Steps Towards the Future: Belief and Expectation



As professor and vice-dean of the institution of economics of Anhui University and vice-director of National Research Center for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the author spent long time in studying and teaching economic policies and theories. His achievements include nearly 30 dissertations and academic reports published in national and provincial journals and many more monographs.

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