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General History of Religions in China Part I

Authors: Mou Zhongjian, Zhang Jian Translated by Chi Zhen

ISBN: 978-1-84464-269-4

Ebook ISBN: 9781844643745

Hardback-340 pages

Jan 2017

English £90 $145 €112



Religion and belief have played vital roles in the history of Chinese culture. Written by one of China’s foremost experts on the subject, this major new two-volume work enables people around the world to truly learn and understand China’s fascinating history of religion, and the winding path each has taken throughout Chinese history. Made available for the very first time outside of China, this comprehensive book sets out chronologically the major events and historical developments of each religion and faith that has played a part in creating modern-day China. These include: Early Primitive Religions; Patriarchal Religions; Taoism; Chinese Folk Religions; Buddhism; Islam; Christianity. General History of Religions in China offers deep and methodical research covering the entire history of Chinese religion and belief with contributions from some of China’s most distinguished professors. Published as a two-volume set in association with the prestigious China Social Sciences Press (CSSP). Essential reference material for academic institutions involved with Chinese studies, religious studies, history studies, plus academics who seek to better understand the roots of contemporary Chinese culture.



Section 1: The Thought of Tian Chapter 1, The Theory of Origin of the world Chapter 2, The View of Motion Chapter 3, The View of Space-Time Chapter 4, The Concept of Form and Spirits Section 2: Doctrine of Man Chapter 5, Human-Nature Relation Chapter 6, The Theory of Human Nature Chapter 7, Value Theory Chapter 8, Conception of History Section 3: Knowledge Chapter 9, Theory of Subject and Object Relation Chapter 10, The Methodology of Known Chapter 11, View of Name and Reality Chapter 12, Concept of Truth


About the Author:

Mou Zhongjian is Professor of Philosophy & Religion Department at Minzu University China, doctoral supervisor and academic leader of Religion Studies. He also has following concurrent posts: Vice-president of China Religion Society; Vice-director of China Confucius Fund; Vice-director of International Confucian Association; Supervisor at the Chinese Taoism Institute. He is also a member of the academic committee of Confucian Research Institute at Renmin University of China.

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