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An Outline of Chinese Traditional Philosophy

Editor: Li Cunshan

ISBN: 978-1-84464-265-6

E--ISBN: 9781844643806

Hardback - 444 pages

July 2015


£80 €105 $135



The traditional Chinese philosophies of 'nature and human' lie at the heart of China's modern day culture and popular philosophical beliefs. To understand China, you must first understand its traditional philosophies. This book from leading expert Li Cunshan outlines the core beliefs and key elements of the three principles of traditional Chinese philosophy: the natural theory (cosmology); the human theory (the theory of life); the theory of knowledge (the theory of methodology). The coverage offers a systematic analysis of these three fundamental theories enabling the reader to gain a clear understanding of the part they've played in the creation of modern day China. An Outline of Chinese Traditional Philosophy is aimed at academics and students studying both philosophy and China, plus researchers and professionals seeking clear concise information on traditional Chinese philosophies and popular Chinese culture. Published by Paths International, in association with the prestigious Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, this English language edition is being made available outside of China for the very first time.



Contents Part 1: The Thought of Tian The Theory of Origin of the world The View of Motion The View of Space-Time The Concept of form and spirits Part 2: Doctrine of Man Human-Nature Relation The Theory of human nature Value Theory Conception of history Part 3: Knowledge Theory of subject and object relation The methodology of known View of name and reality 12 Concept of truth


About the Author:

Li Cunshan became Director of the Philosophy Center of China Social Sciences in 1988 and became the Deputy Chief Editor of China Social Sciences in 1993. During this period of work, he was also engaged in Chinese philosophy studies and culture study and had published several important papers. He was presented with the 'Outstanding Young Expert With Significant Contribution' by the Ministry of Personnel in 1986. He now holds a concurrent post as Vice-President of the Society of Confucius, Director of China Confucius Fund and Academic Committee Member of China Confucius Fund.

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