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On Social Interests and Conflict: A Socialist Analysis of Contemporary China

Author: Wang Weiguang

ISBN: 978-1-84464-268-7

E-ISBN: 9781844643905

Hardback - 480 pages


£85 €105 $135



The author of this major work is Wang Weiguang a leading academic in China. The book is a theoretical innovation which combines theory with practical issues in examining social interests and conflict. It uses the basic principles of Marx as a foundation for the study. In looking at conflict it incorporates sociology, ethics and other disciplines. Social interests and conflict is examined through the prism of contemporary Chinese socialist construction. The author argues that understanding the real problems of conflict in modern China can is enhanced using a Marxist perspective. The book has three main themes in understanding this subject: History, Theory and Reality. This work helps give an appreciation of the deep rooted historical origins of the rise of China and the benefits and challenges of change. It is an important contribution to the understanding of modern China by a leading Chinese academic.


About Author:

Prof. Wang Weiguang, PhD, CASS member, the president of CASS, the secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of CASS, the chairman of the Academic Divisions Presidium in CASS, member of the 18th session of the Central Committee, leader of the Chinese Local Chronicles Team. The research fields in which he has been engaged for long are Marxist theory and philosophy, studies of important theoretical and practical issues of socialism with Chinese characteristics. He was the vice president of the Central Party School. Prof. Wang has published more than 40 academic works and has published 500 and more papers in various national newspapers and magazines. His master works include On Interests, On the Theory of Social Contradictions, Exploration of Philosophy, The Socialist History, etc. Prof. Wang was honored “Chinese Doctorate Recipient with Outstanding Contribution” by the State Council, and enjoys a special allowance awarded by the council.

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